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The company Repros (Reha.Pro.Service) was founded in 2021 by two sports physiotherapist friends. The know-how and the experience from many years of study and professional practice in high level as well as amateur sports, has developed into the vision of a modern and professional additional support for patients after injuries and operations on the musculoskeletal system. Rehab equipment designed for professional sports should be accessible to everyone. We include selected, nationally and internationally recognized products in our range and make them available. In consultation with a doctor and physiotherapist, this equipment is intended to support rehabilitation at home. Advice and optimization for the fastest possible recovery of everyday and sports activities is an important concern for us.


In cooperation with doctors, physiotherapists, sports clubs and companies, we want to make a positive contribution to the restoration of health. 

Daniel Brand & Wojtek Burzec

Repros OG

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